Tips for waterproofing your tent

Try not to depend on the climate

Regardless of whether you’re sure that you will have ideal climate for the whole of your camping trip, it’s constantly savvy to guarantee your tent is appropriately waterproofed.

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You don’t have a clue if the climate is going to all of a sudden change or in case you will need to take a bypass and camp some place with less good climate.

You additionally should know about early morning dew on your tent. On the off chance that your tent isn’t water repellent, at that point the dew can douse through.

You may require more than one coat

In the event that you realize the climate is going to especially severe, or can possibly be, at that point it may merit applying an additional waterproofing coat to ensure.

Leave your tent to dry after the main coat before applying the second.

Check your groundsheet

On the off chance that your groundsheet isn’t adequate, at that point that could be a reason for water getting in to your tent. Having a bath sewn-in groundsheet, where the groundsheet is a piece of the tent and the sides are turned up, is an incredible method for keeping water out.

Check the tent waterproof rating

The tent waterproof rating, otherwise called the hydrostatic head (HH), directs exactly how waterproof the tent is.

The hydrostatic head demonstrates the profundity of a segment of water the tent can withstand before it begins to spill through. For instance, a tent with a 4,000mm HH would almost certainly keep a segment of water 4,000mm profound.

As you’d expect, various tents have distinctive hydrostatic head waterproof evaluations. On the off chance that you need a tent that is progressively waterproof, go for one with a higher HH.